Ark Photographic | Weddings

Your Wedding is one of the most special days in your lifetime. It is a day were one person commits to another person through love and compassion. All couples have a different story and what I have found is that all stories are unique. Stories move you. Encourage you to laugh, love and cry. A wedding day is no different. A wedding is not a single event set up of individual photographs. They are stories, a celebration to be shared with family and friends.

I am devoted to telling the story of each and every wedding - capturing the genuine , precious moments from a creative and photojournalistic angle.  I really care about every couple. The intention is to create a uniques story, a piece of art that the couple will love and cherish. There are no set poses or routines. No story is the same, they are entirely unique. Just how it should be!I love being around people who are in love. There are moments between two people that creates magic, which gives me excitement, energy and creativity. 

A Wedding day is an amazing experience I want to create a story that remains with each and every couple for the rest of their lives.



        Charlotte + Stu Kelly + Andrew Carol + Matt